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Trust Think Products™ has collaborated with scientists, researchers, doctors and veterinarians to take our products to the next level, developing a line of natural and non-toxic products designed to improve the health and well-being of people, pets, livestock and wildlife.

Shield Disinfectant Sanitizer was created under the most stringent guidelines in the science laboratory and is EPA-approved. Natural and non-toxic, Shield Disinfectant Sanitizer™ is here to help prevent the spread of harmful germs in the workplace and at home.

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Shield Alcohol-Free Sanitizer Lotion™ is formulated with natural and non-toxic ingredients and powered by Benzalkonium Chloride, a safe and effective antiseptic. Shield Alcohol-Free Sanitizer Lotion™ creates a safe germ barrier on the skin and is highly moisturizing, thus eliminating the discomfort and irritation when using harsh alcohol-based products.

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Shield Hand & Skin Cleanser is for cleaning, moistening and softening of hands and skin. It contains no alcohol, steroids, sulfates, phosphates,
fragrance or parabens.

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ThermoVu™ is a non-contact temperature measuring instrument that measures wrist temperature. It provides an abnormal temperature alarm and counting features – and is mounted on a
pole with adjustable heights.

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The Trust Think Products™ Electrostatic Sprayer provides an electrical charge to solutions, such as our Shield Disinfectant Sanitizer™, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with highly effective, comprehensive coverage. Great for all industries, especially healthcare, restaurants, schools and more.

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Papa Joe’s Tick-Be-Gone is an all-natural, GRAS topical solution for deterring ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects and protecting against the dangerous diseases carried by these pests.

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A Swimmer’s Secret was a miraculous “accident” that our team discovered while formulating another product. This all-natural product coats the skin and hair to protect it from chlorine, reduces resistance in water and softens the skin.

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Recovery Magic is a highly palatable canine product that increases water, electrolyte, glucose and specific amino acids in a unique and innovative way, thus replaces losses and utilization during physical activity or illness.

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ThinkEquine incorporates world-unique, all-natural, polysulfide technology that deters flies, tick, fleas, mosquitoes and lice, working from the inside of the animal, out. Try it today – your horse will thank you!

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Tick Tub is a feed for all categories of lactating and growing cattle, deer and equine – this effective, all-natural product deters ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Protect your livestock,
pets & wildlife.

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Keeping Schools Safe: The Challenges
of COVID-19

Trust Think Products™ recently hosted a webinar with edWeb that discussed the best practices to take during this Pandemic to ensure teachers, staff, students and parents’ safety. We offer a wide variety of products that can help protect our schools during COVID-19.

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At Trust Think Products™, we believe that you and your animals should be treated with dignity and respect. We create natural and non-toxic products.


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