Natural Ecto-Parasite Repellent
Reduces fly, tick, midge and lice nuisance

Anti-inflammatory Properties
Helps reduce skin irritation

Skin Support
Supports healing and promotes hair re-growth

Features and Benefits
Contains Ectogon 284 Patented polysulfide technology that contains key ingredients (volatile compounds) that safely alter an animal’s basic physiology to diminish the attraction of flies, ticks and other blood seeking parasites.
Helps improve skin integrity The skin promoting porperties such as Zinc encourage health hair regrowth and promotes healthy skin condition
All-natural ingredients There is no build up or risk of anti-microbial resistance
Over 15 years of R&D To provide an effective and natural solution that has given, tried and tested results. Provides ALL-OVER protection

There is so much to know about our ThinkEquine Liquid. It incorporates WORLD-UNIQUE, ALL-NATURAL, POLYSULFIDE TECHNOLOGY that deters flies, tick, fleas, mosquitos and lice, working from the inside of the animal, out. It provides all-over protection and is, therefore, better than spraying for flies.

Our brochure, as well as, provides a collection of technical presentations on our polysulfide technology. Testimonials and Kansas State testing results are also part of this collection. This product performs with ruminants; horses, cattle, goats sheep and deer. It is not formulated for use with dogs or cats. However, a separate product for them is coming soon. It does not test in show animals or race horses. It does not taint meat. it is not harmful for occasional contact with humans or for the environment.

Denis Brinicombe Group, LLC, U K. Trust Think Products™ is the American licensee for Denis Brinicombe Group, LLC, U K. They are the developers of the polysulfide technology. The process is patented. Not another animal nutrition company employs this technology. Brinicombe has identified, created and perfected the capture of a long-chain polysulfide that is the most volatile element contained in garlic. After garlic is crushed, this long-chain polysulfide has historically escaped into the atmosphere and not been captured. It has been found that this volatile element is the natural ingredient in garlic that deters parasites.

Surviving the Digestive Process. Once captured, this polysulfide has been combined with other known animal nutrition ingredients to create a supplement that survives a ruminant’s digestive process, gets into the blood, which transports it to the animals skin and hair. It is quite palatable!

Polysulfide Deters By Altering The Parasites’ Sense of Flavor and Odor. After surviving the digestive process, this polysulfide alters the flavor of the blood, causing parasites not to consume it. They, instead, leave the animal in search of another host. It also alters the odor of the hair and skin, causing the parasites to look elsewhere for a host. Thus, it works from the inside of the animal. It truly is WORLD-UNIQUE.

More Effective than FLY SPRAY. By protecting every inch of the animal, it is far more effective than a spray. It protects around the eyes and under the belly, fly havens that sprays have difficulty reaching. And, working from the inside, it does not wash-off after a rain or after an animal’s bath.

Mineral Lick Tub (TickTub). This world-unique polysulfide can be fed by liquid supplement, as a coating on a pellet or as an ingredient in a mineral lick tub. Brinicombe markets a specially formulated, low-molasses lick tub in Europe. Trust Think Products™ is planning to bring this exceptional product to the U S A, soon. Our lick tub manages animal consumption rates so that it is not consumed at a rate that negatively impacts the economics of the tub.

Deer. The coming soon TickTub™ can be fed to both pen-raised and wild deer. It is a revolutionary approach to helping combat deer ticks, which spread Lyme Disease.

Our Polysulfide Also Deters Parasites on chickens and in the gills of fish.