Not only can the ThermoVu™ safely monitor temperatures, but this device can also aid your employees, customers, patients and students in realizing they are ill; you can prevent them from ever entering the facility and protect the safety of all involved.

ThermoVu™ can be widely applied in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, hospitals, first responders, veterinary clinics, communities, subway stations, airports and more.

Shipping for ThermoVu™ is available now!


ThermoVu™ is a non-contact temperature measuring instrument that measures temperature via the wrist. It provides an abnormal temperature alarm and counting features – and is mounted on a pole with adjustable heights. Early detection is the best deterrent to illness and virus spread, whether the flu, COVID-19, STREP, Pneumonia, Lyme disease, HIV Infection and more. Early detection can also prevent the escalation of these illnesses through early diagnosis and treatment.


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